mappa lagnasco group

The area of fruit production of the Lagnasco Group is located in the territory of the high plain of Cuneo, consisting of a plateau with an average altitude ranging from 300 to 600 – 700 meters above sea level bound to the west by the mountains of the Alps, to the east by the Langa and Roero hills, and open to the north to the Padana Plain.

The embrace of the Alps and the hills of the Langhe characterizes the climate, topography, and hydrology and is reflected in the high organoleptic quality of the fruit due to the intense light radiation, low humidity, high temperature swing night/day, and soil characteristics.

The largest concentration of orchards is located in the foothills of the Cuneo province and partly in the Turin province. In the province of Cuneo, fruit cultivation shapes the environment of the Saluzzo hills particularly in the towns of Verzuolo, Barge, Bagnolo, Manta, and Costigliole and in the adjacent plain of Revello, Lagnasco, Saluzzo, and Savigliano up to Busca, Caraglio and Cuneo.