The technical department follows the fruit production alongside the farmers in the different choices that they have to face beginning from the design of the planting through the agronomic practices such as soil preparation, pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, and practices aimed at defense from biotic adversities, ending with the harvesting of the fruit.

The constant research of a high quality standard product that would be appreciated in a demanding market in a continuous evolution creates a deep synergy between producers and technicians.
The technical department drafts yearly Production Rules for Integrated Agriculture and for Organic Agriculture, written in compliance with both national and regional regulations, which all of the Op associates must comply with.

The orchards of our associates are constantly monitored to detect the presence of any insects or fungal diseases that could compromise the quality of the harvest.
Based on the above-mentioned monitoring activity, periodical technical notices are issued concerning good agronomical strategies of defense to follow to obtain healthy and high quality product with the lowest environmental impact possible.

The technicians also help the farmers in determining the optimal time of harvest: only when optimal sugar content, hardness, and color are reached, the fruit can be picked.