Società Agricola Cooperativa Lagnasco Frutta Soc. Coop. a r.l.

Based at via Santa Maria 2, Lagnasco (CN), founded on May 30th, 1969, composed of 251 single associates, all fruit producers (with integrated pest management and partly organic methods) on a surface of 1,500 Ha. It has made quality and healthiness their mission and their pride.
A business reality that comes from the territory and works to enhance the unique and inimitable production of the provinces of Cuneo and Torino, where the territory, the environment and the climate join each other creating the best that nature can offer. The products of the Cooperativa Lagnasco Frutta are marketed by the organization of the Lagnasco Group producers.

Blu di Valle Soc. Coop. Agr. r.l.

Legally based at via Santa Croce 4, Paesana (CN), at the Comunità Montana Valli Po, Bronda Infernotto, with its operational base at via Santa Maria 2, Lagnasco (CN) at the Lagnasco Group Soc. Coop. a r.l. headquarters, founded on March 13th, 2007, composed of 102 associates (mainly from the province of Cuneo, followed by the of Cuneo and one company from Verbano-Cusio-Ossola province). Of the 102 associates, 101 are single farms and one is an investor associate (Società Agricola Cooperativa Lagnasco Frutta Soc. Coop. a r.l.). They are all producers of blueberries and Ramassin plums (a particular variety of the damask plum) on a total surface of almost 50 Ha. The associates work with love following tradition and, with the help of the experience of qualified technicians, they keep alive agriculture in the mountainous territory which can be harsh and burdensome, but it’s definitely unique and incomparable because of the peculiarities of the Piemontese mountains.

Coop. Agr. Il Frutto Permesso s.r.l.

Based at via del Vernè 16, Bibiana (TO), founded on December 2nd, 1988 and composed of 34 associates, 11 of whom are organic fruit and vegetable producers and the others are from other agricultural sectors (breeding, cereals, beekeeping). The cooperative deals both with fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products such as fruit in syrup, fruit in alcohol, fruit juice with and without pulp, compotes, jellies, dehydrated fruit, appetizers, condiments, side dishes, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, sauces and other specialties. The cultivated surface is about 33 Ha and almost all the associates are in the province of Torino, the rest are in the province of Cuneo. The strong bond to the territory and traditions has allowed the cooperative to provide agritourism activities (both at the headquarters and recently in a new facility) and educational activities with children (teaching farm).