The Lagnasco Group has the capability to package its fresh products in different types of packaging in order to maintain quality and bring out the best in them as well as to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

The principle types of packaging available are:

  • Basket 10x 1kg Flowpack Cart 40x60.
  • Pad. Cart. 30x40 3kg.
  • Cart. Loose 10kg.
  • Cart 40x60 + 5 bag 2Kg.
  • Cart 40x60 + 3 Bag 3kg.
  • Pad. Cart. 30x50- 40x60- 30x40 1 Layer
  • Pad. Cart. 30x50 – 40x60 2 Layers
  • Wooden Loose 12-13Kg
  • 6 Fruit – 8 Fruit Cart 40x60
  • Trypack- Bushel 18Kg
(apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums)
  • Basket 500gr- 1kg Cart. 40x60.
  • Pad. Cart. 30x50- 40x60- 30x40 - 1 Layer
  • Wooden Boxes 30x50- 40x60 - 1 Layer
  • Basket (wooden, plast, cart.) 125gr-250gr-500gr.
  • Basket available open-top, covered, flowpack.