In order to guarantee to the consumer total transparence along its production line, Lagnasco Group decided to join and follow a series of quality certifications according to the international regulations and standards:

The constant research of a high quality standard product that can be appreciated in a demanding market in constant evolution creates a deep synergy between producers, technicians, market directors, storage managers and every link of the chain with the goal to achieve quality production with greater guarantees in terms of safety and health of the products.
The decision to join a quality management system allowed the cooperative to have a tool for monitoring all the processes in the line and in every phase is checked to guarantee the full respect for the Organoleptic, Hygienic – Health and Market quality of all our company’s products.
The introduction of a computerized system of Traceability/Retrace Ability of the product allowed the Lagnasco line to comply transparently with the binding legal requirements.
With this system we are able to: