The Lagnasco Group Soc. Coop. a r.l., is a consortium of cooperatives based in Lagnasco in the province of Cuneo established on December 27th, 1996 from the preexisting Producer’s Association “Ortofrutticoli Associati” (founded on November 7th, 1989) and then became the Producer’s Organization for fruit and vegetables on October 9, 1997. Today it is recognized as a producer of fruit and vegetables, aromatic and medicinal herbs cultivated mainly in northern Italy.

In the service of their 4 associated cooperatives, the Lagnasco Group defends the income of their 387 agricultural producers by: planning the production based on the market, promoting concentration of supply for greater bargaining power, reducing the production costs and regulating its prices, promoting the different productions with marketing strategies, providing technical assistance to produce with respect to the environment and the health of the workers and consumers.

The Lagnasco Group’s constant dedication allowed them to consolidate its historically good relationship with the GDO (Large National Distributer) and recently allowed for active collaboration with the leader companies in the HO.RE.CA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) network.

In recent years, the Lagnasco Group acquired technologically advanced plants for the processing and packaging of fresh and processed products, allowing it to consolidate its presence in the major European chains and also to reach important markets in North Africa, the Middle and Far East, and North and South America mainly with apples, kiwi and stone fruit.

The group has been strongly committed for a long time to the field of organic produce both fresh and processed. In the last years it has progressively increased its production of organic fruit towards the area of fresh consumption targeting specialized clients in the above-mentioned markets.

Particular attention will be devoted to this segment in consideration of the increase of production, especially for the producers of kiwi, apples and blueberries. These results are not the end point for the Lagnasco Group, but the beginning of new challenges.