Our cooperative spirit intended as solidarity and participation by our producers in one single company sharing rules and objectives remains the backbone of the group.

For this reason, the mission of the Lagnasco Group Soc. Coop. a r.l. is to preserve this philosophy updating its company according to the political and economic changes that can occur over the years in order to best satisfy the primary needs of its associates.

Then, the Lagnasco Group is strongly committed to the education of its employees, remaining up to date in the fields of technical-agronomic, technology and marketing in order to continue in the future to share the befitting income to its associates and their collaborators.

Moreover, the primary objectives include also the satisfaction of the trade and of the final consumer. The first is achieved by offering a wide range of high quality fruit and vegetable products obtained from dedicated areas in Piemonte and certified from the producer to the store and satisfying all the requests of the market in a flexible and punctual way thanks to innovative storage methods that allow the prolongation of the selling calendars and thanks to modern lines of processing that allow the guaranty of uniform quality standards of the fruit and versatility of the packaging.
With regards to consumer satisfaction, the products feature excellent organoleptic and health characteristics controlled and maintained following production methods that preserve the environment and health (applying integrated organic and biodynamic production rules).

Quality is not born by chance but is the result of hard work and synergy between the different elements that influence the entire chain from production to sale. For the Lagnasco Group, this is the cornerstone to remain in the most important markets, satisfy the most demanding clients, and to find new ones.